Pie and Mash


We offer a range of Fries

Traditional Chips 

French Stick Fries

Cheesy Chips

Sweet Potato Fries

Skin on Steakhouse Fries

Skin on Sweet Potato Wedges

Everybody loves a good Pie!

We produce a range of made to order Pies and Pasties that we are particularly proud of,

made from top quality ingredients and a variety of fillings. Shortcrust or Puff Pastry.

As all are made to order you can design your own fillings if you fancy something we have not thought of!

Creamy Mash is wonderful but we also offer

Parmesan Mash, Champ, and of course Bubble and Squeek. a range of gravy and vegetables are also available.

Here is a list of some of the Pies we make

Beef and Ale with Herby Shortcrust

Chicken and Mushroom

Salmon en Croute Beetroot,Capers and Parsley

Venison Pie with Port and Redcurrent

Chestnut,Shallot and Mushroom (V)

Beetroot,Feta and Hazelnut(V)

Curried Lamb

Creamed Spinach and Goats Cheese (V)

Beef Mushroom and Red Wine


                    Baked Potatoes

Huge range of fillings including:


Tuna and Sweetcorn

Soured Cream and Chives

BBQ Beans

Garlic Butter

Chilli con Carne and lots more!

                       Pasty Corner

We all love a good Pasty, who doesn't?

The commercial ones are OK, but not great, so we decided to make our own!

Great evening food!

Traditional Cornish

Root Vegetable

Minted Lamb and Potato

Cheddar Cheese, Onion and Potato

Chicken,Ham, Potato, sage and onion

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