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It’s not just about a great Hog Roast...
but it started that way.

I am passionate about food. Any food business I was going to be involved with needed to have quality produce and sustainability at its heart.

We started doing Hog Roasts and BBQ's searching for artisan producers and always using fresh produce and quality bread. Many of our customers became friends and asked us to return for future events.

Our sustainability promise

We are also passionate about recycling and compostability, so at the beginning of 2019 we sourced Vegware® products made from palm leaves for all of our plates and bowls, which look and feel superb. Our vegetable starch-based cutlery is also fully compostable.

We do not use single use plastic, it’s either reusable or vegetable starch based.

Going beyond

We expanded and included full wedding catering, not just evening food. We expanded again to include hire of crockery, cutlery, glassware and table linen. In addition, we also bolted on a bar service serving a range of drinks for up to 250 people. Paella and pizza became popular last season (2019) and we now offer our own hand made pies and pasties with or without mash. Perfect evening food whatever the weather!

In 2021 we moved into our new Warehouse and Prep Kitchen on a business Park in Cam Gloucestershire.

This new facility has enabled us to expand they type of food we offer, We now make our own Empanadas with lots of fillings, these were introduced at the end of last season with great success.

At the Prep kitchen we host tastings throughout February for confirmed clients

Also in 2021 we catered a film crew for 35 days using our 15 ft trailer to follow the crew through three counties. That trailer is now retired and will be opening for business next to the prep kitchen selling fresh baked and prepared food.

Pie and Mash has been hugely popular this season. as I write this in early March 2022 we are looking at a very busy season. 2023 is also booking quickly.

We have survived Covid and lock-down missed out on all Government grants  and owe great thanks to all our customers who did not cancel but booked forward, sometimes many times

Our first event this season is almost upon us, lets hope for good weather and no Covid!

Best Wishes 


High on the Hog